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Alaska Heritage

OBI Seafoods Brings Together the Best of Alaska

OBI Seafoods was created in 2020 through a merger of the Alaska salmon and Gulf of Alaska groundfish operations of two of Alaska’s oldest and most experienced seafood producers, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods. We draw on over one hundred years of experience with an up-to-date knowledge of today’s global market, and connect our customers to our trusted harvesting partners, providing the very best seafood Alaska has to offer.

Our Products

As a leading producer of Alaska seafood, OBI Seafoods offers the full range of Alaska species in a wide variety of product forms to meet our customers’ specifications.

  • Alaska Salmon
  • Canned Salmon
  • Alaska Halibut
  • Alaska Cod
  • Alaska Sablefish
  • Alaska Rockfish
  • Alaska Pollock
  • Alaska Flatfish
  • Alaska Crab
  • Alaska Roe
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Connect with Us

OBI Seafoods, LLC

1100 W. Ewing Street

Seattle, WA 98119