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Our Japan Sales Office

Located just down the street from the historical Tsukiji Fish Market, KKOBI is a subsidiary of OBI Seafoods and oversees all our marketing efforts in the Japanese market. KKOBI is in daily contact with our Seattle office to ensure that sales and delivery of OBI products to key customers in Japan runs smoothly. KKOBI also hires and supervises our salmon roe technicians at all our Alaska plants. The KKOBI staff has direct knowledge of our Alaska operations, which is very useful in meeting the stringent product specifications of our Japanese customers.



Kabushiki Kaisha OBI 
3-9-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku,
8th Floor, Tsukiji Bldg.
Tokyo 104-0045 br




Working at OBI Seafoods

"We believe sustainability is important not only for the self-sustaining growth of the company, but also for maintaining and improving essential human health and vitality."

Atsuro Tanii, Sales Representative

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