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April 7, 2022|Press Statements

OBI Seafoods Announces 2022 Season Plans for Cook Inlet

Company to Maintain all Current Salmon Buying Stations

March 24, 2022|Company News

Ukrainians working in Petersburg share their experiences

Petersburg Pilot

March 10, 2022|Press Statements

OBI Seafoods Launches New Website

Site Showcases Company's Focus on Alaska Seafood

March 7, 2022|Press Statements

OBI Seafoods Encourages Support for Ukrainian Workers

Employee-led Outreach Helps Co-Workers

March 7, 2022|Press Statements

OBI Hires Alaska Seafood Veteran Greg Ness

Alaska Industry Veteran Greg Ness to Join OBI Seafoods Commodity Sales Team


Committed to Sustainability.

Our success depends on the vitality of our harvesters, customers and communities, which is ensured by the continued abundance of the wild Alaska seafood resource.

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