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What We Stand For.

OBI Seafoods Mission
To feed the world with the highest quality, sustainable, wild Alaska seafood.

Our Values 
Our values are at the heart of everything we do and how we operate. They are: 

  • Quality in our products and our work.
    We are committed to continuing our 100-year legacy of supplying high quality
  • Safety of the food we produce and our workplace.
    We value the health and well-being of our customers, harvesters, and employees.
  • Sustainability of our seafood resources.
    We will rely on healthy fish stocks for generations to come.
  • Strong teams.
    We value the contributions of our employees, harvesters, and business partners. We’re better
  • Efficient and environmentally responsible operations.
    We respect the environment and utilize the wild Alaska seafood resource wisely and reduce waste whenever
  • Ethical conduct in all relationships.
    The success of our business relies on building trust and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our
    customers, harvesters, suppliers, communities, and employees
  • Exceptional service.
    We care for our employees, customers, harvesters, and communities as we would our own

    Our History


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