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June 28, 2022

Company Rallies in Support of Employees

(Seattle, WA) June 28, 2022 – As Ukraine’s humanitarian needs continue to rise, OBI Seafoods is expanding its support for relief efforts in the war-torn country and in support of their Ukrainian employees. The efforts, started and led by OBI employees, Maryna Molokopoi and Douglas Impagliazzo, have assisted those displaced by war with relocation, food, medical care, and housing.

When not working in Alaska during the salmon season, married couple Molokopoi and Impagliazzo live in Odessa, Ukraine. At the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, they evacuated their home and relocated to Moldova to assist in the wartime aid efforts. With the support of OBI Seafoods and dozens of individuals and their families across the globe, Molokopoi, Impagliazzo, and a small group of fellow refugees were able to provide over $70,000 USD in aid to refugees.

“When all of this broke out, they jumped into action,” says OBI Seafoods CEO, Mark Palmer. “They were in communication with not only OBI employees, but employees who work for other companies in the Alaska seafood industry, getting them across the border and into safe housing. We’re helping to support financially, and firmly believe in the work they are doing.”

Their work was critical in helping Ukrainian OBI crew members, family members, and many others safely escape the war zone and resettle in various neighboring countries. Further aid was directed toward transporting medicine and medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals and providing housing and food for the displaced. In just 64 days, their group completed over 50 supply delivery runs into Ukraine and throughout Moldova.

Having now returned to Alaska for the season, Molokopoi and Impagliazzo continue their efforts remotely, working directly with their Ukraine connections and other grassroot organizations, backed with the full support of OBI Seafoods and its employees. The company has initiated its own efforts, donating 1,580 cases of canned pink salmon (37,920 cans in total) which was delivered safely to Ukraine last month.

To further support Impagliazzo and Molokopoi, OBI employees now have the option to donate through their payroll, directly contributing to Ukraine relief organizations with OBI matching every dollar donated. “We were able to accomplish so much with just six people on our team,” says Impagliazzo. “To have a company of 2,000 come together in support of these great organizations can have an amazing impact.”

About OBI Seafoods:

OBI Seafoods was formed in 2020 through a merger with Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods, two of the oldest and most successful seafood companies in Alaska. The company operates 10 processing plants throughout the state and is a leading producer of fresh, frozen, and canned Alaska seafood. OBI brings together the experience and heritage of both companies, along with the legacy Ocean Beauty and Icicle brands, and the new company continues its predecessors’ commitment to responsible seafood resource management and community sustainability.

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