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March 10, 2022

Site Showcases Company's Focus on Alaska Seafood

(Seattle, Wash.) March 9, 2022 – Today, OBI Seafoods announced the launch of its new website at The new site highlights the company’s legacy in the Alaska seafood business and redefines the company’s strengths in Alaska seafood production and worldwide distribution after the merger of Ocean Beauty’s Alaska operations with Icicle Seafoods Alaska salmon and Gulf of Alaska groundfish operations to form OBI Seafoods in 2020.

“Our new website plays an important role in defining OBI Seafoods, our product offerings and our strength in Alaska seafood,” said Mark Palmer, CEO of the company. “The new site provides much more information on our operations and the detailed product information will be particularly useful for our customers.”

The new site features comprehensive information on OBI Seafoods’ Alaska seafood product line. It also includes information on the company’s ten processing locations throughout the state, background on the company and its history, by-location information for fleet services, and an extensive careers section for potential employees.

“In addition to providing product information for our customers and our fishermen, the site has a great section on careers with OBI,” Palmer added. “It will be a huge asset to anyone looking to join our team.”

About OBI Seafoods:

OBI Seafoods was formed in 2020 through a merger with Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods, two of the oldest and most successful seafood companies in Alaska. The company operates 10 processing plants throughout the state and is a leading producer of fresh, frozen, and canned Alaska seafood. OBI brings together the experience and heritage of both companies, along with the legacy Ocean Beauty and Icicle brands, and the new company continues its predecessors’ commitment to responsible seafood resource management and community sustainability. OBI Seafoods is owned by Cooke Seafoods and Ocean Beauty Seafoods.

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