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International Delicacies.

In addition to its production of Alaska’s favorite whitefish, OBI Seafoods also produces Alaska whitefish roe. From Alaska pollock to Alaska cod, to Alaska herring roe, we strive to maintain the naturally great flavor and texture characteristics of the roe for each species. Enjoyed around the world as favorite condiments and ingredients, Alaska whitefish roes deserve their great international reputation.

Product Forms

Alaska Cod Roe 
(Gadus macrocephalus)
Black, RedOcean run
Alaska Cod Milt
(Gadus macrocephalus)
BlockOcean run
Alaska Pollock Roe
(Gadus chalcogrammus, also Theragra chalcogramma)
BlockMako (MA), Kireko (KA and KC), Gamuko (I), Mizuko (OOM), Off grade (MX), Pieces (PX)
Alaska Pollock Milt
(Gadus chalcogrammus, also Theragra chalcogramma)
BlockOcean run


We are committed to supplying sustainable seafood products to meet our customers’ requirements. All OBI Seafoods Alaska cod and pollock roe products are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management program.

About Our Values

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